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Stainless Steel Exhausts
Stainless Steel Exhaust System - Morgan +8 Gems

Below you can see the two styles of exhaust exit.

Short exit just before the rear wheel. Long exit, this being the conventional style that we are more used to seeing.

Click here for the component view of the exhaust system.

Rolling road time!

The torque & power this beast provides is incredible, the
meter stalled at only 245bhp, (you would never believe it if you drove this car !!!)

Thankfully, the follow up print out soon revealed the problem, the engine was already struggling to breath at only 4000 rpm, thus restricting the power curve from further continuing its upward trend, why?

Why? !! So now at least, it became so obvious.

Why, because we still had stock cast iron manifolds (std. Range Rover ones) & the std. intake system (also Range Rover) albeit port matched and flowed, they are so much a restriction in stock form even hours of hard work smoothing matching and polishing them amounted for next to nothing.

What's more its not surprising when you realize all EFi systems intake hardware size & integrity has never been improved by rover and still harps back to the early 80's when used on the smaller 3.5 litre variants.

Decision time & new found remit.

Simple, Start with the headers!
Develop some decent stainless manifolds enlisting the professional help of J&P exhausts for the ideal solution
and end user product we needed.
The design Criteria must, include at least, largest possible diameter primary pipes, equalled& individual lengthened, plus bespoke J&P port shaped for ultimate flow. Ensuring no exit restrictions by utilizing large bore exit chamber with pulse extraction technology and domed shaped ports.


Designed to fit all V8 Morgan variants form early 70's to present date. System completely 304 stainless Large bore 304 pipe work Stainless aerotite self locking nuts employed throughout.

Stainless adjustable fittings and clamps. Oval absorption style stainless 304 silencers. Various lambda and catalyst options as well as non cat with/without lambda.

Additional tail pipe options possible (single, twin, oval, square, multiple etc, all in 304 stainless or chrome)

A mirror has been placed under the Morgan in this picture so that you can see the CAT.

With the following pictures, you will be able to see the headers, and the complete system as we had designed it, including large bore stainless steel 304 pipe work, 100 cell free flow stainless twin cats, 304 oval silencers for maximum sound absorption but allowing that V8 thunder to creep through. All this with near zero flow restriction. The complete system also includes the stainless steel single exit/tail pipe as shown or any other variant that you may wish for.

With a choice of tailpipes the exhaust system is tailored to your style. Fitted here with Piper 2 1/2" outwardly rolled tip. 18" Oval Silencer to make the most of the space available under the side step of the Morgan. Again in Stainless Steel and completely Free Flow.
Stainless Steel Exhaust System Prices
Available in CAT and NON-CAT
Pair of JP Stainless steel manifolds
2 x Down pipes with lambda bosses
2 x Center link pipes (Replacement for the CAT'S in a NON-CAT system)
Pair of CATS
2 x 18” silencers
2 x Tail pipes with 2 1/2" outwardly rolled tips
Fitting kit inc. olives, clamps etc
We also have the following tail pipe options
2 x Tail pipes with 2 1/2 " outwardly rolled tips and silencer boxes

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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