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boxer Can you supply and fit my engine?
How do I get best fuel economy from my V8 Efi?
Will I really save money by converting to LPG?
Do you have a Brochure?
Do you have a supplier in my Country?
Is it possible to Visit RPi?
How to pay?
How to find us?

Can you supply and fit my engine?

General fitting Costs and information. All V8 engines. To remove engine from existing vehicle, to make good engine bay for fitting new (cleaning, tidying of wiring and plumbing etc.) to remove engine ancillaries that are to be re-used and clean to a condition suitable for re-use (unless replacement or rebuild is required) i.e. Carbs, Injection system distributor, wiring etc. To install new engine, and all ancillaries. Set up, Crypton tune, road test for 100 - 150 miles (if possible) and when engine has been fully tested for leaks and any other problems and fully bedded in, to re-set up (required when engine has settled in) and return to customer. Total ?£POA labor, additional charge if air conditioned. If new short engine only (not full engine) please contact us and all other work is charged at our hourly labour rate. Consumables to include all new minor hoses, all hose clips, plugs, oil filter, ( *2) anti freeze) , cable ties etc. ?£POA. All other work, price on application.

How do I get best fuel economy from my V8 Efi?

The way to best economy is re-chipping the ECU and using an Optimax cam, this can find 10-15% more economy on a good condition motor (more on a high mileage one). Also the LPG System is very important if you want best economy, so beware of inferior systems (we know 'cos we have to replace them). The OMVL system with Lambda control is, in our opinion, by far the best (we can send you an info pack if you forward Lisa, your address) I already run many LPG V8 Rovers (see demonstration vehicles) and you would expect to save an average of 30% over diesel running costs, and 50% over petrol, and with further planned government fuel price rises in the pipeline, the savings are set to increase even more and the value of diesel powered vehicles will severely diminish.

Will I really save money by Converting to LPG?

This is only one of the huge benefits of dual fuel, you can also add, cleanest ever emissions, far longer engine life, huge price savings and cheaper engine servicing. Also, with the way things are turning out you would probably increase the value of you vehicle at the same time.

So to save further space on this FAQ page, you will find all the answers you need to know by following the page links.

LPG Pages

Do you have a Brochure?

Sorry, we do not have a brochure available at this time, but we can print you an up-to-date information pack, although most of what you need to know is available for download from our Web Pages, we find this is a more effective way of keeping our information up to date. Please feel free to print or reproduce any of the information contained on these pages.

If you require an information pack, please mail us your full address and give some indication of what it is you have, and what you would like to receive information on. Please be advised we cannot print out multiple copies, so make best use of our web pages if possible (here you can print as many as you wish). Also feel free to link our pages to any other web site that you feel could gain from our information. Please do not link to pages that are not in some way appropriate especially sites that would be classed as distasteful.

Do you have a supplier in my Country?

We actively ship our parts all over the World, over 50 Countries to date. Do not worry if no one is listed in your area as we can handle all shipping details for you. And even if you have trouble speaking English, our worldwide network of customers can normally help with any Translation For European Translations GO Here.

Is it Possible to Visit Rpi?

We would always welcome our customers to view our High Standard of engine rebuilds and any other relevant RPi Projects and products, as we believe this hands-on approach can be very useful when deciding exactly what is best for you needs.
We can arrange local accommodation, and even assist with local transport and taxis. You can find some useful information on our Travel to Norfolk page [link to be confirmed]

How to pay?

You can pay by almost all popular forms of Credit and Charge Cards,
You can use our Secure order page To handle the transaction, or you can fax/phone your order on Int +44 (0)1603 891209 (phone) or 890330 (fax). We can even assist you to get your correct Currency Exchange Rate.

If you would like to pay via Paypal please click the button below to take you to paypals secure website.

or simply from our new secure order site http://www.v8engines.com/ordering.htm

Financial & Currency Conversion


Or as an alternative, you can wire funds to our Bank Account. (see below)

Bank account held at National Westminster Bank 119 Boundary Road, Norwich, Norfolk UK.
Account name C T Crane and RPi International ltd T/As RPi International.
Account Number 48924679 Sort Code 60-15-31
Swift Code NWBKGB2L
IBAN No GB98NWBK60153148924679

How to find us?

click on the map to enlarge
This map Shows where you can find us in the UK.

Also shown are 2 popular arrival points; Harwich and Dover, highlighted, showing the best way to get to Norwich

RPi is based just outside Norwich, in the county of Norfolk in the UK. As you approach Norwich, follow signs to Norwich Airport (it's north of Norwich) on the A140 (Cromer, Aylsham Direction), as you pass the Airport (you will go through two sets of traffic lights), after about 1/2 mile you will see a roundabout (sponsored by RPi), the Holt Road needs to be taken. (To Horsford & Holt). After about 2 miles you will come into the village of Horsford, continue through the village until you have passed 3 Pubs (Yeast & Feast, The Dog, and a new one called the Brambles), we are at the far end, and you will see an ex. petrol Station with many Range Rovers, (and a big LPG Tank) on the right hand side before you run into the wilds of Norfolk.

Local travel links for East Anglia (Norfolk) Here you can find Anglia railways, local coach and bus timetables and route information to Anglia TV and other local interests in our part of the World.


Other useful travel links for East Anglia, including overseas.Travelling to Norwich, is easier than you think, with P&O you can enjoy, high speed twin-hull ferries to Harwich/Felixstowe, slow traditional ferries (sometimes choppy) to South Shields, with departures, from Norway Belgium Holland & France.
http://www.airuk.co.uk/ (now KLM)
And if you fly from Amsterdam (Schipol), it is possible to arrive with us, half an hour before you left, the ultimate anti-ageing treatment. We can even collect you in one of our V8 Demos.

http://www.air2000.ltd.uk/lgw.htm (Gatwick)
http://travel.epicurious.com/travel/c_planning/06_airports/eur/glasgow.html (Glasgow Scotland)

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[V8 Engine Fitting Information] [Rover 3.5, 3.9, 4.2 to 4.6 Conversion] [LPG Conversion details] [Fuel Injection Section]
[Weber 500 & SU Carbs] [Mallory Ignition Systems] [General Engine Problems] [General Information]

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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