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LPG Dual Fuel Conversion & Information Pages
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Download Files to print out for the best LPG V8 info
2000 Model 4.0 & 4.6 conversions 'Thor' General info, tanks & front end kits
Specific vehicle types More LPG stuff

Download Files Here

Click here for V8 LPG Info Pages & New Products - exclusively for Rover V8 application.
This document will help you identify many of the specific needs of the V8 engine when required to run on LPG and petrol, including engine management and ignition upgrades. We also have the latest Test Book engine diagnosis equipment and exclusive chipping options.

V8 Rover LPG information. Approx 150k only. (Acrobat)
(Well worth the 2 min. download time)

LPG conversion prices and details for:
Carb. Rover V8
Discovery Series 1 (Hotwire fuel injection)
Discovery Series 2 (Motronic fuel injection)
Range Rover Classic pre 1990 (Flapper fuel injection)
Range Rover Classic 1990 - 1995 (Hotwire fuel injection)
Range Rover P38 pre 19992000 (Sagem fuel injection)
Range Rover P38 post 1999/2000 (Motronic fuel injection)
Land Rover D90 50th Aniversary (Sagem fuel injection)

(Please ask for our updated Prices)

Download latest price list & updates.
(click here for our price list, or fax for very latest prices)

Get Acrobat reader 'download' Here If you don't have it already!
(click here to go to acrobat download site)

2000 Model 4.0 & 4.6 conversions 'Thor'

80 litre tanks For 2001 Discovery 4.0
(Also 80 Litre petrol replacement tank options now available)

General Info, Tanks & Front End Kits

LPG general information including many questions & answers
(FAQ pages very useful, but in need of update.)
LPG tanks, an exclusive RPi Rover 4WD range (trade available)
(more options now available)
LPG front end kits (mixers, vaporizers emulators, sensors and more)
(The Heart of it all, maybe best not to go there!)
LPG ignition issues, so often ignored by the rest
(As you will see it's a lot simpler to do properly than it first seems)

Specific Vehicle types & applications

Range Rover 4.0 & 4.6 Gems LPG conversions
(The best options and page links for this model)
New 135 litre Twin tank underfloor options for the 4.0 & HSE
(The best underfloor twin tank options)
Land Rover 90 LPG conversions
(More specific info.)
Big and Small Block V8 LPG conversions
(We prefer to stick to the Rover V8.)
Toyota V8 Custom Monster truck goes LPG
(Looks good & now at least, it's affordable to run)

More LPG Stuff

RPi Recommended Worldwide V8 Specialists 'Click'
(Someone local to you maybe?)
Customer Comments
(It's better to hear it from the customers)
Powershift Government Grants Web Site

With so many filling stations coming on line, this list now has its own page. Furthermore, as it gets bigger (as it will when we can get to it) the pages will soon be split into Zones. It's not only the UK that is seeing a huge rise in LPG outlets, but the rest of Europe and the World.

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List of LPG fuelling stations. Updated July 2000 'Click Here'
Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland 'Click Here'

More LPG dual-fuel conversions

More LPG dual-fuel conversions. Don't forget to use the 'Back Button'
oooooo.96 new shape Range Rover 4.0oooooo95 new shape Range Rover 5.2ooooooo94 Classic. Range Rover ooooooo91 Classic. Range Roverooooooooooo
oooooooooSeries 111 Land rover 109 ooooooooooooo91 Jaguar XK40ooooooooooooo oooo Toyota SaloonoooooooooOr others on our demos pages

It's like shooting ducks at the funfair!

links to other FAQ pages
[V8 Engine Fitting Information] [Rover 3.5, 3.9, 4.2 to 4.6 Conversion] [LPG Conversion details] [Fuel Injection Section]
[Weber 500 & SU Carbs] [Mallory Ignition Systems] [General Engine Problems] [ General Information ]

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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