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22nd January 2007
More Cars for sale now added
Vehicles For Sale
5th January 2007
Polybush information
Polybush Suspension
5th January 2007
Cylinder head information
Cylinder Heads
December 27th 2006
Black P38 Range Rover details added to the sales site.
For Sale
October 27th 2006
These customer comments keep rolling in.
General comments
October 24th 2006
Piper Cam Shaft Kit information updated
Piper Cams
October 10th 2006
More reports back from Bennett Racing Drag Team
Bennett Racing
July 10th 2006
Custom Magnecor Lead Form
July 7th 2006
Our new and improved vehicle sales page is back online
Vehicle Sales
July 5th 2006
eBay Customer Comments added
eBay Comment
June 28th 2006
Bennett Drag Racing Videos Added
Bennett Racing
June 6th 2006
Morgan & P6 Manifold dimensions
Exhaust Dimensions
May 17th 2006
RPi Engineering start Drag Racing
Bennett Racing
April 21st 2006
Customer Chipping Comments
Customer Comments
March 21st 2006
Cylinder Head Information Updated
Cylinder Heads
March 18th 2006
3.9 to 4.6 conversion details
3.9 to 4.6 conversions
March 15th 2006
Morgan Tail pipe options updated
Morgan Exhausts
February 23rd 2006
Weber 500 prices updated
Weber carbs
February 10th 2006
Piper Torque Max cam spec. added.
Piper Cam Shafts
February 3rd 2006
Stag links added to our recommended web sites
Recommended sites
January 19th 2006
Weber 500 - P6 Customer Comment
Customer Comments
December 2nd 2005
Weber 500 - P6 FAQ Section
Weber 500 carb
November 16th 2005
Weber 500 Information and Prices
Weber 500 carb
November 16th 2005
Weber 500 Customer Comments
November 7th 2005
Customer Comments
November 3rd 2005
Dealers & Clubs links
October 25th 2005
LPG conversion prices updated
October 11th 2005
Brake upgrades updated
September 23rd 2005
Follow up on 4.0 D90 Chip
Customer Comments
September 20th 2005
Forum Customer Comments
Customer Comments
September 19th 2005
P38 Twin exit Stainless Exhaust
September 17th 2005
Yet another comment!!
Customer Comments
September 16th 2005
Special Offers Update
Special Offers
September 8th 2005
Defender 90 4.6 ECU chip
Customer Comments
September 8th 2005
Morgan ECU chipping comment
Customer Comments
August 31st 2005
Bullet board comments updates
What the Bulleting boards say
August 30th 2005
Updated bank details.
Bank Details
August 24th 2005
Brake upgrade kit prices updated
July 9th 2005
MG RV8 customer comment
2wd comments
July 4th 2005
Mallory customer comment
Mallory comments
July 1st 2005
Engine prices updated
June 25th 2005
LRO June 2005 feature
June 23rd 2005
Engine brochures updated
June 15th 2005
Yet more Morgan Customer Comments!!
2wd Comments
May 19th 2005
Hotwire 14CUX ECU pin outs.
Fuel Injection FAQ's
April 27th 2005
Fitting Lambda sensors to the Gems ECU.
April 18th 2005
Fitting free flow filters to fuel injected cars?
April 14th 2005
Mallory Dual Point Setup and Wiring Instructions.
April 13th 2005
Technical spec. on P38 Stainless exhaust added.
P38 Exhausts
April 11th 2005
Update on the setting up of Hotwire air flow meters
Hotwire Injection
April 11th 2005
I have chipped my car but it's still not right?
FAQ Injection
April 9th 2005
4.6L RPi engine making a appearance in Tunisia
April 7th 2005
FAQ section - What Tune resistor should I be using?
FAQ - Fuel Injection
February 24th 2005
Updates to the top of the homepage
November 23rd 2004
Morgan recommend our ECU chips
Morgan +8 Customer comments
November 23rd 2004
5.0 Litre Range Rover feedback
Range Rover Customer comments
November 10th 2004
Rebuild pages dedicated to Fred Dibnah's memory
Fred's Series II rebuild
October 22nd 2004
Classic Range Rover rebuild
Classic Range Rover restoration
October 6th
MOD engines are no longer available
Site map
October 6th
MOD engines are no longer available
September 7th
Exhaust options changed
Exhaust 3
August 25th
Refillable Gas bottle/Tank options
Gas bottle
August 25th
Fuel injection Upgrades,
Carbon fibre plenums and throttle bodies
August 20th
Power Boost Valve installation and setup instructions
August 12th
Customer comments
August 12th
Mallory distributor page updated
August 12th
New rovercom lite prices
Rovercom Lite
August 12th
Gems ECU and rechipping info
July 20th
Is your engine a Gems or Thor?
Thor or Gems
July 20th
LPG price list tailored for gems systems
LPG Price list
June 25th
Weber 500 Kit contents and information
Weber 500 kit
June 15th
Injectors now in stock
Hot wire Injectors
May 28th 2004
2 Land Rover Owner articles have been published featuring RPi
May 28th 2004
2 Range Rovers added to vehicles for sale
May 28th 2004
Morgan stainless steel exhaust system
Stainless steel exhaust
May 14th 2004
Bircham Newton- Offroading weekend fun
Bircham Newton
April 30th, 2004
Rovacom Lite diagnose your own ECU's
March 19th, 2004 Range Rover HSE gets several upgrades Range Rover Comment
March 14th, 2004 T-shirt pages still ongoing, take a look. T-Shirts.htm
March 10th, 2004
Discovery gets sorted after a long absence.
Plus the best customer comment ever !!
March 10th, 2004 Morgan & Marcos comments update. Morgan & Marcos
March 1st, 2004 Ferrari needs RPi chip! Chipping Comments
February 25th, 2004 New style RPi T-Shirts spotted in Africa! T-Shirts
December 3rd, 2003. Customer Comments section now even bigger than it was before. Customer Comments menu
November 28th, 2003. Brand new 4.0 & 4.6 litre engines also 3.5 & 3.9 litre rebuilt engines. New engine page
November 14th, 2003. What is the fitting kit that you mention is needed with a new 4.0/4.6 litre engine. FAQ Fitting
November 14th, 2003. Norwegian version of our engine brochure now available. Downloads Page
November 4th, 2003. Our engine brochure now available in Japanese and German Downloads Page
October 11th, 2003. Special thermostat housings for the Weber 500 carb? Weber 500 carb FAQ section
October 2nd, 2003. Timing chain removal and refitting instructions. FAQ engine fitting
September 29th, 2003. Couldn't make it to Billing 2003. Well we have put a couple of pages together to show you what we got up to. Billing 2003
May 29th, 2003. Land Rover 110 Complete rebuild updated. Click Here for this project page.
May 12th, 2003. RPi Toy Store now On-line! model-toys.htm
April 17th, 2003. 4wd transmission page updated. transmission-2.htm
March 5th, 2003. LPG Price list now contains Disco series 2 faq-lpg.htm
February 20th, 2003. LPG conversion price list is know on line faq-lpg.htm
February 20th, 2003. New up to date LPG information booklet. faq-lpg.htm
February 18th, 2003. New pictures of the HSE 135 litre LPG twin tank conversion faq-lpg-Gems-twin-tanks.htm
February 6th, 2003. FOR SALE - V8 MG 'B' Roadster 1978 new_vehicle_sales/index.html
January 23rd, 2003. More glasses to our already extensive range glasses.asp
January 14th, 2003. Classic Range Rover with 4.6 conversion, now sold new_vehicle_sales/index.html
January 10th, 2003. Nology Plug wires (New to RPi) electrics-nology.htm
January 7th, 2003. Rover Vitesse Auto for sale new_vehicle_sales/index.html
November 21st, 2002. Classic Range Rover with RPi 4.6 conversion for sale new_vehicle_sales/index.html
October 21st, 2002. Vehicles for sale. Now completely renewed. new_vehicle_sales/index.html
October 16th, 2002. Heads prices now updated engine-9c.htm
October 8th, 2002. Range of hand engraved glasses for sale glasses.asp
October 4th, 2002. Range Rover 3.9 with 4.6 upgrade now £5995 sell-and-buy-pages.htm
October 3rd, 2002. Range Rover 4.6 HSE For Sale sell-and-buy-pages.htm
October 1st, 2002. Rally Section updated with two rally drivers from abroad rally-index.htm
September 20th, 2002. 4.6 Torque settings engine-4.htm
September 13th, 2002. Range Rover 3.9EFi Auto with 4.6 conversion sell-and-buy-pages.htm
September 6th, 2002. Upgrading 3.9 Air Flow Meter to 4.6 (wiring) carbs-4.htm
August 29th, 2002. What approximate mpg can I expect when upgrading to 4.6? faq-conv.htm
August 22th, 2002. Magnecor - New technical info. for the very technical person electrics-2.htm
August 19th, 2002. Series123 link. sell-and-reccomended.htm
August 19th, 2002. General update. offers.htm
August 19th, 2002. General update. engine-7.htm
August 16th, 2002. 2wd R380 Gearbox Ratios now online. transmission.htm
August 16th, 2002. These two engine pages have now been updated. Prices, etc. engine-1.htm
August 15th, 2002. For sale - SD1 good project or donner car sell-and-buy-pages.htm
August 6th, 2002. New page so that you can see just what we got up to at Billing this year. Billing 2002.htm
July 10th, 2002. New Mallory Unilite FAQ section faq-mall.htm
June 17th, 2002. This genuine 38K miles classic SD1 has now been sold new_vehicle_sales/index.html
June 13th, 2002. Sue's back from her adventure. Sue-Hex.htm
June 13th, 2002. This Marcos Mantara came in for a Tornado Chip and power amp. projects-041-marcos-green.htm
May 30th, 2002. The A&R power amp shows its output potential. electrics-1.htm
May 30th, 2002. Dual timing amp faq page upgrades faq-lpg-ign.htm
May 19th, 2002. Mallory Distributor wiring diagram using Ballast Resistor faq-mall.htm
May 15th, 2002. Fred Dibnah's Land Rover Restoration update projects-008.htm
May 10th, 2002. Sue's 101 safari adventure to Africa Sue-Hex.htm
May 5th, 2002. Engine Dyno update on A&R Amp showing up the severe failings of std. ignition. electrics-1.htm
May 4th, 2002. Land Rover 90. V8 County For Sale sell-and-buy-pages.htm
May 1st, 2002. Block hugging headers, low cost, stainless steel & suitable for Kit & V8 converted cars, exhaust-4.htm
April 30th 2002 Janspeed exhaust page update. exhaust-3.htm
April 30th 2002 Classic Range Rover 3.5 V8 & LPG Converted sell-and-buy-pages.htm
April 29th 2002 Classic MK1 SD1 3500 & Porsche 928 trade in added to sales page. new_vehicle_sales/index.html
April 19th 2002 Rpi at the Autoclassic show Essen with Morgan De. club & Flaving Importers. Essen.htm
March 19th 2002 New Timing covers & water pumps for the 4.0 & 4.6HSE Range Rover offers.htm
March 16th 2002 Styling & sounds for the 4.0 & 4.6HSE Range Rover Range-Rover-Hse.htm
March 14th 2002 Weber Carb throttle linkage FAQ update faq-carb.htm#fitting-questions
March 12th 2002 Distributor identification information electrics-1.htm#Later-electronic
March 12th 2002 MoD Land Rover 110 V8, on our sales pages. new_vehicle_sales/index.html
March 12th 2002 New shape Range Rover on our sales pages under £11K. new_vehicle_sales/index.html
March 9th 2002 Our customers like the Norfolk Mead Hotel. sell-and-promote.htm
March 7th 2002 LPG Section updated. New tanks and spare wheel brackets. faq-lpg-Gems-twin-tanks.htm
March 7th 2002 New easy to use menu page. faq-lpg.htm
Feb. 23rd 2002. More Brand new heads available. offers.htm#heads-new
Feb. 23rd 2002. Turnkey engines last 5 save over £1000.00 offers.htm#last5
Feb. 18th 2002. Weber 500 Kit update carbs-1.htm#bestoption
Feb. 18th 2002. Webber / Holley head to head testing carbs-1.htm
Feb. 12th 2002. New Injection page dealing with uprated injection intake systems carbs-plenums.htm
Feb. 9th 2002. Discovery for sale sell-and-buy-pages.htm
Feb. 6th 2002. Special offer pages offers.htm
Jan 28th 2002. Customer Sales pages update sell-and-buy-pages.htm

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Dual Fuel

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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